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Fire Protection, Mechanical, Electrical, Safety, Building Codes & Structures, Piping Systems, Gas Delivery Systems, Marine/Naval, OSHA, T&D Expert

Walter K. Rothfuss

President, Forensic Engineer

Materials, Metallurgical & Fracture Consultation, Analysis, Testing, Forensic Expert

Marjorie Erickson

Metallurgical and Materials Scientist

NEC, UL, CSA, ATEX, Electrical Software/Hardware Systems, Electrical Distribution Systems, Forensics Expert

Timothy Geis

Electrical Engineer

Forensic Engineering and Land Surveying, Boundary Disputes, Forensic Evaluations of Residential, Commercial, Bridge, Building, Roadway and Airfield Design and Construction, Collapses, Code Interpretations, Roof Inspections

Steve Broyles

Civil/Structural Engineer and Land Surveyor

Forensic Mechanical Engineering, MEP, Project Management, Energy Modeling, HVAC Commissioning

M. Sam Sheehan

Mechanical Engineer

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Accident Investigation, FAA Drone Pilot, Aerial Imaging Expert

Gregory Russell

ACTAR, Drone
Accident Reconstructionist

Structural, Forensic, Construction Engineering, Cost & Scheduling Services, Site Design Services, Structural Damage Evaluation Expert

Anthony V. Colicchio Jr.

Civil/Structural Engineer

Real estate, Construction, Professional Service and Food Service Industries, Tax Accounting, Audits, Reasonable Cost Analysis, Financial Reporting Misconduct

Kristina Malloy

Forensic Accounting

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consulting, Exposure Assessments, Environmental, Health and Safety Auditing, Ergonomics, Regulatory Expert, Occupational Injury Investigations, Asbestos-containing Materials, Heavy Metals Exposure, Environmental Mold Assessments, Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Gary Morris

Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Professional

Financial Manager

Chong Ok Lim

Corporate Secretary/Treasurer

Services & Capabilities

Rothfuss Engineering Company has been providing technical services & litigation support since 1978 for private industry, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Veterans Administration, General Services Administration, insurance, public utility & legal industries.

Fire & Explosion Investigation
Fire & Explosion Investigation
Scene documentation, origin & cause investigation, CFEI, engineers & investigators, CVFI & CFII
Gas & Water Pipeline Distribution System
Gas & Water Pipeline Distribution System
Leak Testing, Equipment Testing, Gas Migration Evaluation, Gas Collection & Evaluation, Meter & Regulator Inspection
Water Intrusion & Mold Inspection
Water Intrusion & Mold Inspection
Origin & cause of the water intrusion & mold growth analysis
Roof & Chimney Failure Inspection
Roof & Chimney Failure Inspection
Roof damage evaluation caused by weather related events, age, fraud claims, etc
Machinery & Mechanical Accidents & Failures
Machinery & Mechanical Accidents & Failures
Examination of failed machinery, gas & fluid distribution systems, utility equipment & other mechanical systems
Construction & Structural Accidents & Failures
Construction & Structural Accidents & Failures
Weather damage, structural collapse, foundation failures, construction defects & design error inspection
Electrical Failures
Electrical Failures
Residential & commercial electrical fire, circuit board & other electronics failures, personal injury, code & standards evaluation
Sprinkler System Inspections
Sprinkler System Inspections
Evaluation of sprinkler system failures & determination of proper installment
Computational Analysis & 3D CAD Modeling
Computational Analysis & 3D CAD Modeling
Computational fluid analysis. Finite element analysis. Fire & explosion simulation. 3D CAD modeling. Full scale reconstruction
Accident Reconstruction
Accident Reconstruction
Documentation, evaluation, & investigation of incidents that involve automotive, locomotive, & maritime vehicles
Personal Injury Claims
Personal Injury Claims
Documentation & examination of slip & fall claims, safety & OSHA regulations, & fraudulent claims
Black Box Recovery
Black Box Recovery
Speed, Airbag, Acceleration/Brake information, and other black box data retrieval. Black box data evaluation and report along with accident reconstruction
O.E.M. Product Analysis
O.E.M. Product Analysis
Short-term and Long-term cyclic testing, Overall Product evaluation and testing. Durability and Functionality Testing. Quality Control and Re-Design Consultation
Advanced Imagery Capabilities
Advanced Imagery Capabilities
360 degree imaging & microscopic imaging & evaluation
Metallurgical & Material Sciences
Metallurgical & Material Sciences
Examination of material fatigue, fractures, corrosion, stresses & strains, material identification, & many other material evaluations
Codes & Standards Research
Codes & Standards Research
NFPA, NEC, Building Codes, Residential & Commercial Codes, OSHA, and many more.
Litigation Support
Litigation Support
REC has a team of professionals that can provide litigation & mediation support with experience in the courtroom
FES: Evidence Collection & Preservation
FES: Evidence Collection & Preservation
In house evidence inspection, collection, storage & preservation in a secured, temperature controlled facility.
Design Solutions
Design Solutions
Design solutions including, Calculations, CAD, Simulations, Failure Analysis, and Prints

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Frequently Asked Questions

In which areas are REC experts certified in?
We have certifications in P.E. (Professional Engineer), CFEI (Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator), CVFI (Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator), CFII (Certified Fire Inspection Instructor), and much more.
What are your rates?
Many factors are considered depending on the nature and the scope of your case/project. REC provides fast and accurate quotes, free of charge. Please contact us and let us know about your case and/or project.
Do I need to have an open case/project with REC in order to utilize REC’s evidence storage and inspection facility?
Certainly not. Even if REC is not actively involved in your case, we are happy to provide a secure storage space for your evidence. Please contact us for rates. We can also provide a controlled inspection space and chain of custody record for your evidence as well.
Does REC offer seminars and/or informative presentations?
Yes. REC has spoken in law/litigation conferences, technical industry meetings and conventions, and even coordinated many private educational seminars covering wide range of topics in forensics, engineering, investigation, and others. Please feel free to contact us to inquire how REC many service your presentation needs.
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