Walter K. Rothfuss, PE, CFEI, CFII  linkedin

President of Rothfuss Engineering

Diplomate, American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology

Life Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners

Consultant and Qualified Expert Witness of forensic engineering including, but not limited to: Safety and Occupational Health (OSHA), Fire Protection Systems, Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Heating Systems, Origin and Cause of Fires and Explosions, Carbon Monoxide Generation, Residential and Commercial Construction Claims, Construction Accidents, Marine and Vehicle Claims, Reconstruction of Accidents, Human Factors in Accidents and Fires, Product Safety and Defect, and Life Safety Systems. Registered Professional Engineer in multiple states and Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator.



Young J. Jun, PE, CFEI, CVFI, CFII  linkedin

Mechanical Engineer

  • BSME Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Certified Fire and Explosion, and Vehicle Fire Investigator and
  • Haag Certified Residential Damage and Wind Damage Investigator

Mr. Jun has many years of experience in failure analysis and forensic engineering investigations with proficiency in various fields of engineering systems including, but not limited to, fires, explosions, mechanical systems, electrical systems, residential and commercial structural and construction, HVAC, and vehicles.  Mr. Jun has worked closely with various insurance companies and legal industry in residential/commercial and vehicular claims, fraud, construction claims, and personal injury, and has experience in litigation, subrogation, testimony, and deposition.  Mr. Jun has a technical concentration in Automotive Technology and has experiences in accident reconstruction, black box retrieval and analysis, and vehicular failure analysis.  Mr. Jun also has extensive training and capability in computational fluid dynamic and simulation, as well as, 3D computational modeling, with working knowledge of wide range of different industry recognized software.  Mr. Jun has many different training which allows him to retain working knowledge of various codes and regulatory standards from NFPA, NEC, OSHA, International Codes and Standards, DOT, and ICC.


Ben Ensor  linkedin

Mechanical Engineer

  • BSME York College of Pennsylvania

Mr. Ensor has experience in forensic engineering investigative services pertaining to mechanical engineering, and building codes and OSHA.  Mr. Ensor has worked with various insurance companies in residential and commercial claims, personal injury, code and standard analysis, manufacturing defect analysis, and failure analysis.  Mr. Ensor has been trained and retains a working knowledge of wide variety of codes and standard, including NFPA, International codes and standards, and OSHA.  Mr. Ensor also has experience in benchmark testing including product testing, assembly and protocol analysis, and failure analysis.


Timothy Geis

Electrical Engineer


Marjorie Erickson, PhD

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

Mechanical and Materials Engineer with over Twenty-five Years of Professional Experience. Experience includes fracture safety assessment methodology for steel and other alloy components. She evaluates the integrity and durability of Civil, Mechanical, and Maritime structures fabricated from metallic materials; develops material behavior predictive models for current status and remaining safe life under accident conditions for nuclear pressure vessels and other alloy applications.

Accident Reconstructionists


Gregory Russell  linkedin

Accident Reconstructionist

Administrative Staff


Wilhelmina K. Howell  linkedin

Office Administrator

Administrative Assistant with over Twenty Years of Experience. Handles client communications. Manages files for current and past cases. Handles photographs and reports.


Angie Purper

Administrative Assistant


Chong Ok Lim

Corporate Secretary/Treasurer


Emi DeStefano

Information Technology Department

  • BSEE University of Maryland Collage Park

Provides website, email, and computer support to REC. Is experienced with programming languages C, MIPS assembly, JavaScript, HTML, Matlab, and Visual Basic. Application skills include PSpice, Solidworks, ProEngineer, Code V, Autocad, and Zygo Interferometer. Has engineering experience in communication systems, receivers, and radars.